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Remedies, tacos, concoctions and healing potions

Walking through any city or town in Mexico without feeling the temptation to stop to try a bite of what they are preparing with you is almost an impossible mission. 

In La Curandera we have transferred the magic of the streets of Mexico to a delicious bite that has the power to transport you for a few moments to the streets of our beautiful country, and this prodigy is now within your reach in Barcelona.

Healers are traditional healers. The word "curandera" comes from the verb "cure" which means to give you well-being. SThey follow a centuries-long tradition passed down from generation to generation… and this includes food.

Enjoy your meal…


The Menu

What would you like today?

In La Curandera you have a wide variety of dishes with authentic Mexican flavor at your disposal. What does the body ask of you ... Some fish tacos that remind you of Baja California? Our delicious Jalisco-style happy calf meat? Or feel less guilty with our exclusive and delicious Vegan tacos?

Whatever your selection, you will be in Mexico under the spell of La Curandera

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Would you like a little miracle cure but you are not waiting for long? ... Ask what you most want so that it is ready when you arrive or we will take it with you the magic of The Healer.

The chef

Authentic Mexican


To differentiate what is authentically Mexican, at la curandera we have decided to have our chef Jordi, brought from Cuernavaca Mexico itself. Thanks to him and his experience in authentic taquerías, we can guarantee that what you will taste in the curandera will taste like a piece of Mexico. 

In La Curandera you will only find AUTHENTIC MEXICAN!

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Contact us

Carrer del Judici 12
08003 Barcelona, Spain
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Viernes a domingo de 1P.M. a 11P.M
Telephone: (+34) 936 019 133

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